Not Using SMS Marketing? Here’s Why You Should Be

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that the number of mobile phone users is increasing worldwide, which is opening up an entirely new channel for businesses to reach their audience. SMS Marketing is quickly becoming one of the most effective ways of communication with customers, regardless of where they’re located in the world. With SMS being the new kid on the (marketing) block, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about.

If you work in the marketing industry, you will know by now that there is no shortage of digital channels to reach your customers. While we live in a distracting world where grabbing the attention of your consumers can seem impossible at times due to the amount of competition in the industry, consumers have their phones within arm’s reach for most of their day. With SMS open rates reaching as high as 98% compared to emails which fall at 20%, brands are beginning to realise this is one of the easiest ways to reach their customers & it’s no surprise that this form of marketing is becoming increasingly popular.

SMS marketing refers to the marketing strategy used by companies and brands to communicate to potential and existing customers through text messages. People use their phones to have real-time conversations with their friends & family each and every day & if you’re a brand sliding into your customer’s text messages, it’s just as important to keep that conversation a two-way channel.

If you’re still thinking about implementing SMS marketing, we’ve covered 8 reasons why you should be!

  1. It’s Direct

Unlike other forms of marketing, SMS easily cuts through the noise of competitors and the need to fight for attention as it is delivered directly to consumers. With a 98% open rate, it’s clear why SMS is such an effective form of communication.

  1. It’s Simple

The beauty of SMS marketing is that it’s brief and straight to the point, which is exactly what consumers are after in this fast paced, on-the-go world. The simplicity and reach of text messages are one of the reasons they’re becoming increasingly popular.

  1. It’s Personal

Consumer expectations are increasing and along with that is the need to create personalised marketing campaigns. SMS allows you to send messages directly to consumers’ personal devices which creates an immediate sense of intimacy.

  1. It’s Trackable

Tracking meaningful ROI is one of the most important parts of marketing and fortunately enough SMS allows you to easily monitor and measure the performance of each campaign. The valuable data provided will help you improve future campaigns and offer more value to your customers.

  1. It’s Cost Effective

SMS marketing is one of the most affordable forms of communication, especially when compared to traditional marketing. With the cost coming in at just a few cents per message, it can be easily squeezed into the marketing strategy without having a huge impact on budget.

At Chatti we have introduced our price beat guarantee to save our customers money while increasing their communication.

  1. It’s Easily Integratable

A major benefit of SMS marketing the ability to easily integrate it with other campaigns and strengthen existing channels. Do you have a blog post you want your customers to read? Extending a flash sale? Send customers a simple follow up to remind them.

  1. It Improves Customer Loyalty

The best way to build brand loyalty is by getting to know your customers and understanding their needs and wants. By offering them sales, discounts and content tailored specifically to them, you will increase the potential of return customers.

  1. It Has A Timely Approach

Everybody knows the saying ‘time is money’ and SMS marketing is the quickest way to send direct messages in bulk. A huge benefit is being able to easily schedule SMS messages ahead of time, allowing you to simply organise your marketing campaigns far in advance.

Looking for a little help implementing SMS Marketing into your strategy? Speak to our friends at Chatti – Australias cloud communication company with global reach.

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