Let’s enjoy prototyping for UX design with PIXELBIRD™

The goal of a prototype is to test products (and product ideas) before sinking lots of time and money into the final product. Creating a prototype that demonstrates the functionality of an application in development can positively impact final design as well as the overall project.


Benefits of Interactive Prototypes

  • Experience the full flow
  • Better than specification
  • Collaboration with team members
  • Get early feedback
  • Less time and resources spent
  • Rapid and quick iterations


A wireframe is the first real process for a project. It turns the abstract ideas into something tangible without distraction. Wireframes enable one party can send its opinions to another party clearly, ensuring all parties are on the same page.

n many instances, clients may not understand jargons like dynamic slideshow, news feeds, Google map integration,product filtering, breadcrumb and hundreds of other types of features. A wireframe provides a clear communication to a client how these features will function, where they will appear on the specific page and how useful they might actually be.


Graphic Mockups & Clickable Prototyping

Our graphic designers start the iterative process of mocking-up visual page designs to finally come up with thoughtfully conceived, beautifully executed user interfaces that truly work.

At this stage, moodboards with examples of colour palettes, texture and typography are utilised to define customer’s aesthetics preferences and design directions.

The clickable prototypes enable users to quickly test simple elements or complex behaviours, interacting with the prototype as they would with the end product.

Requiring little time and effort, these prototypes allow for identifying opportunities for improvement, driving adoption, productivity, user satisfaction and profitability of the final solution.

What People Say About

Prototyping UXD

“I'm extremely satisfied with PIXELBIRD's service and its huge list of advantages offered. I just simply email my list of website changes and the updates are done for me, plus I get a website re-design whenever I want!"
Darren Walsh
Founder, Business With Strategy