About Us

It’s no secret that buyers have all the power these days given they have instant access to a whole range of data literally at their fingertips wherever they are.

In some cases, they could be more empowered about your product, industry and what your competitor’s offering is than what you or your staff are.

Because of this, there needs to be a much better way that we go to market and a much smarter way of doing business for the marketer and the marketee.

We get excited about doing business in a human way and tailoring gorgeous end to end turn-key solutions for our clients.

Avoid sacrificing long-term relationships with your customers by making short-term decisions that aren’t based upon helping people.

If we can make you easy to find for the people who need your help, its a win win win for your customer, your business and ourselves.


Understanding Today’s Buyer

The marketplace has drastically changed and so has the way consumers interact with brands online. In the process of attracting, engaging and delighting your customers you need to focus on 3 key areas:


Tech giant ORACLE states that 94% of consumers have discontinued communications with a company because of irrelevant promotions or messages. Because there is so much noise, you need to cut through in less than 2.4 seconds and relate.


Salesforce surveyed over 7000 consumers and business buyers and cited in the State of the Connected Customer report that 74% of people are likely to switch brands if they find the purchasing process too difficult


Chris Bucholtz for New Media states in The $62 Billion Customer Service Scared Away Infographic that 51% of customers will never do business with that company again after one negative experience.

Our workflow is simple and accommodating to allow the very best experience for all our clients.

Our processes towards designing and developing a site are organised and well structured. We begin with a sketched, wire-frame version before moving onto a homepage mock-up, designed to demonstrate a style and layout that best represents the business requirements.


What our clients say about us

Perfect case of why you should leave things to the professionals. I had tried to host a VPS myself for some software I was using and spent days running into complications. I reached out to PIXELBIRD™ and they had an action plan together almost immediately. Since the issue has been resolved its been smooth sailing. Great service, quick turnaround, and they were on standby for any questions I had. Could not recommend the team enough and will definitely be engaging PIXELBIRD™ whenever I need help!

Zac Daunt

What our clients say about us

PIXELBIRD™ created a beautiful website for my small wedding hire business. They listened to what I needed and the end result was amazing! Better than anything I could have imagined. Packages offered by PIXELBIRD™ are competitively priced without lacking features. Not only does the website look gorgeous, it is also functional. They also took the time to teach me how to manage the website myself and gave me all the resources I need to do so. I highly recommend PIXELBIRD™ for a professional website.

House of Primrose

What our clients say about us

Thank you so much! My website speaks for itself! They created a better website than I could even dream up! Brilliant service and assistance, fast turnaround, top value for money and friendly. I highly recommend them to everyone. My art shop works perfectly on desktop and mobile.

Ashvin Harrison

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