Reach billions of users with a fully integrated Facebook

Using Facebook to promote your business is one of the most useful ways to generate highly targeted traffic. Not just because Facebook is still the most popular social networking platform, but also because it offers a robust advertising system with a lot of attractive features and an audience that consists of almost every potential client of yours. Many new businesses turn their attention towards this social networking website for launching their first ad campaign. It is easy to use and one of the proven ways of getting targeted traffic to your website. Everybody is already much too familiar with the interface and there are some really helpful tools to get you started with your first-ever ad campaign


A fully integrated store

Customers can easily browse and purchase your products using the new, always visible Shop section on your Facebook Page.


Easy to setup

Add products to your Facebook store with one
click. Product details, images, and inventory
automatically sync.


Grow your reach on Facebook

Facebook Shop can help you target customers by location, age, and interests to boost your sales.

Our experts will help you in designing a wonderful ad campaign that takes into
account different groups of audience

facebook-advertisingHaving said that, despite the wonderful opportunities Facebook has to offer when it comes to advertising, many business owners still experience glitches with their ad campaigns. They don’t see the traffic rising as expected, they end up spending a lot of money, and all their marketing efforts go to waste. This is because they don’t spend much time in learning the system and simply just create an ineffective and almost useless campaign which yields no results at all. Facebook advertising has been designed to help you win, so this case is simply unacceptable.

This is where PIXELBIRD™ comes in to help you get out of trouble with Facebook advertising. If you have already done your homework and decided that this social networking platform is for you, our experts will help you in designing a wonderful ad campaign that takes into account different groups of audience so that the ads are displayed just as expected. Your audience might be composed of professionals, stay-at-home moms, technicians, students, young people, kids, or elderly. You will have to design ads that cater to the needs of all these groups so that your ad campaign could be effective.

One needs to take into account audience insights when it comes to creating a killer Facebook ad campaign. Facebook offers a great tool to achieve this by looking closely at your target market. This way you can connect to those users who actually follow you and click your call to action. Without first performing this step, it is impossible to create a campaign that brings in sure shot positive results. The next step is to create unique ads for each audience type or group. Of course when the audience is located worldwide, you have to consider many aspects like demographics, ethnicity, culture, and so on.

Again, Facebook offers a very attractive feature to achieve this objective. However, to use it one needs to learn how it works. PIXELBIRD™ has on board some of the best marketing people who have hands-on experience with this useful feature. They help you create two different ads displayed to two unique sets of audiences so that they can respond to those ads the way you want them to. The same item would be demonstrated in two different ways so that both groups of people would consider it useful for their life.

web-hostingAnother way to maximize your Facebook advertising outcome is to connect your ads with your landing pages instead of your business website. Landing pages are designed to educate people about a particular product or service before they could visit the page and make a purchase. There is a call to action at the bottom of each landing page. It is a recommended practice to give the link of your landing page in your Facebook ad instead of your website’s URL. The experts at PIXELBIRD™  understand this strategy and know how to make the most out of it. They not only help you create attractive ads but also give time and effort to creation of unique and totally useful landing pages.

The advantage of hiring PIXELBIRD™ to handle your ad campaign is that it is an Australian based company and it understands Australian businesses quite well. The first step in the success of a business is to reach out to local market and the same goes for Facebook advertising. Creating impressive ads that appeal to the Australian audience is one of the specialties of the experts at PIXELBIRD™ . They are also aware of the importance of incredible images that capture the attention of users. These images accompany the ads and therefore it is necessary that you come up with unique and not-used-before images for your ads.

Writing catchy Facebook ad copy is another step that needs particular attention. Without getting help from someone who has experience in writing remarkable ads, you simply can’t achieve this goal especially when there are so many competitors out there. People see the picture first and only if they like it they read the ad. If the image is of poor quality or it does not completely depict your product or service, the ad is of no use. So, even before you write an ad copy it is important that you spend some time coming up with wonderful pictures of the product or service you’re trying to sell.

Facebook advertising has a lot of advantages as it helps all kinds of businesses to grow but you have to keep in mind that it isn’t inexpensive or cheap. If you have decided to use this medium for promoting your business, you must be prepared with a sizable marketing budget. However, to make sure your hard-earned money is put to good use, you need to get in touch with professionals who would help you create a successful ad campaign and contribute to your return on investment. A business owner wants to see results when it comes to marketing, and this is what PIXELBIRD™ strives to offer to its customers.

In order to be successful using Facebook advertising, there is a need to know fully how this system actually works. If you don’t have enough time to learn the ins and outs of advertising on this social media platform, contact PIXELBIRD™ today and leave the rest to their team of experts. Our trained and qualified staff has knowledge of some of the best practices and is here to help you succeed.

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