Delivery Methodology

Linking core strategy development and innovation processes We understand that each business has its own set of needs and so does its work methodology. Amidst varied business structures, different target markets and potential customers, your requirements are bound to differ.  So, how can one delivery model serve every industry and business?  PIXELBIRD™ primarily focuses on … Read more

Development Methodology

Flexible Pricing Models PIXELBIRD™ understands that pricing plays a key role when deciding on your service providers. To help our clients with affordable rates, we strive constantly to optimise our flexible pricing models.  Our pricing framework revolves on several factors which are responsible for pricing maturity with satisfied outcomes.  To support our clients, we have … Read more

Development Process

The Most Intelligently Integrated End-to-End Development Process From B2B to B2E, IT provides multiple projects, which consist of websites and web apps for top brands, medium-level enterprises, and startups. There is a considerable amount we offer through our integrated, adaptive agile approach. Great things are not achieved by impulse but through a series of processes … Read more

Intellectual Property Protection

Security & IP Protection At PIXELBIRD™ we always pay special attention to Security and Intellectual Property issues. We ensure that a truly effective security system is being followed by every employee.  We give utmost importance to our customer’s Intellectual Property Rights and business data and take comprehensive measures to safeguard them. We implement a whole … Read more

Project / Data Confidentiality

A Secured Development Environment The confidentiality of your project is of utmost importance to us. At PIXELBIRD™ , we take adequate measures (in terms of physical security, data security, etc.) to provide a secured development environment. We consider project & data confidentiality as a critical element for maintaining a long-term relationship with our clients. We … Read more

Quality Management

Quality Management System (QMS) PIXELBIRD™ has always taken a hardnosed position with respect to quality. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is a set of complex engineering and managerial activities that ensure high quality of delivered software through the entire workflow. QMS Tasks and Objectives Expansion and operation of procedures and regulations for software development process … Read more