Achieve business goals with Node.js development

If you require a real-time website which performs lively by including chat options, or a frequent change in data which is to be written, and accessed very quickly, Node.js will serve as the finest option. The pure JavaScript built on V8 engine enables Node.js to work really fast in such circumstances. This non-blocking I/O object model is used by organizations that run million dollar businesses like Twitter, Google Chrome, and Dow Jones. Being one of the pioneered Node.js web & mobile app development service providers, we at PIXELBIRD™ are in the business of delivering accomplished applications. Whether it is about plug-in and module development solutions or an app development requirement, we have been catering to the requirements of small and large-sized business modules.
Being the highly efficient solution to build real-time systems and effective in connection management, Node.js development makes particular sense for being majorly adopted in Mobile Apps. High Performance, Highly Scalable, and Real Time are some great traits of the Node.js framework.


Why Should Businesses Consider Node.js For Application?

  • Lightweight and simple modificationLightweight and simple modification
  • Less parsing time
  • Budget friendly testing and cheap hosting
  • Reuse of codes at every level
  • Many packages and extensions
  • Real-time web socket programming or API
  • Open source community-driven modules
  • Speedy and scalable architecture
  • Easy communication in JSON and AJAX
  • Compatibility with Google V8 engine to enhance performance

Achieve business goals with Node.js development

Merely having a website is not sufficient! A successful web presentation that accurately reflects your business is essential.

  • Benefits of Node.js for Web Application
  • Why Choose Us for Node.js Development?
  • Easy installation and execution locally.
  • Inexpensive to test and deploy using the Pay as You Grow model.
  • Easy to develop real-time systems.
  • Scalable due to asynchronous and event-driven processing.
  • Super-fast containing speedy native bindings(C).
  • The code written in one language can be run on multiple platforms.
  • Distributes a small heap per connection.
  • Good performance for HTTP and TCP protocols
  • Smaller parsing time.
  • Deals with API or real-time web socket programming.
  • Amazingly rich web applications.
  • The biggest advantage of node.js is the low-level API.
  • Rich set of community driven open source modules.

With our experience of building applications based on MEAN stack and Full-stack JavaScript frameworks, you can get a comprehensive solution involving multiple technologies for building enterprise application development.

  • We leverage its resilient application development experience to deliver the best solution at a fraction of the cost of development.
  • We will accelerate the speed of your project development through effective use of re-usable components
  • Our teams are highly skilled professionals who function like an extended arm to your in-house teams.
  • You can have complete control on the project with various teams from cross-functional expertise working with you closely until the project is delivered.
  • You can have complete control on the project with various teams from cross-functional expertise working with you closely until the project is delivered.
  • Strong expertise on the most popular UI frameworks like Angular 2 and React

PIXELBIRD™ is quickly gaining popularity for Node.js Development Services in the Indian subcontinent. Whether you want to hire Node.js Developer for website enhancements or require a dedicated team to do everything from scratch, we have the expertise & talent to handle your programming requirements.

At PIXELBIRD™, we believe in building long-term relationships with clients so that we both benefit


What our clients say about us

Perfect case of why you should leave things to the professionals. I had tried to host a VPS myself for some software I was using and spent days running into complications. I reached out to PIXELBIRD™ and they had an action plan together almost immediately. Since the issue has been resolved its been smooth sailing. Great service, quick turnaround, and they were on standby for any questions I had. Could not recommend the team enough and will definitely be engaging PIXELBIRD™ whenever I need help!

Zac Daunt

What our clients say about us

PIXELBIRD™ created a beautiful website for my small wedding hire business. They listened to what I needed and the end result was amazing! Better than anything I could have imagined. Packages offered by PIXELBIRD™ are competitively priced without lacking features. Not only does the website look gorgeous, it is also functional. They also took the time to teach me how to manage the website myself and gave me all the resources I need to do so. I highly recommend PIXELBIRD™ for a professional website.

House of Primrose

What our clients say about us

Thank you so much! My website speaks for itself! They created a better website than I could even dream up! Brilliant service and assistance, fast turnaround, top value for money and friendly. I highly recommend them to everyone. My art shop works perfectly on desktop and mobile.

Ashvin Harrison

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