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WordPress is the most popular Content Management System on the web. Being the market leader this amazing software brings with it superlative features which can be customized to create a fresh, functional and result oriented application. Its array of themes, plug-ins and templates make it robust software for creating blogs, social networking pages and mobile applications.

Our team of dedicated and enthusiastic WordPress Website Developers will take your business beyond the periphery. Modifying your website’s framework could bring substantial changes in fortune, or could even turn an already good performance into an impressive one. We provide steadfast and cost-effective WordPress Blog & Theme Development services to client’s world over.

Why Should Businesses Consider Wordpress Web Development?

  • Simplicity & Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendliness.
  • Responsive design for consistency in varying platform.
  • Large community of WordPress users.
  • Ready made functionality available in plugins and extensions.
  • Ease of using its Content Managment System (CMS).
  • Save cost in overall budget.

No. 1 CMS platform based on PHP & MySQL

WordPress is currently the No. 1 platform choice for content management system (CMS) with extensive blogging & eCommerce features.

  • Why use WordPress Website Development?
  • Why Choose PIXELBIRD™ For WordPress ?

Easy Administration:

With our WordPress website development services, you can manage your portal from the admin dashboard.

Better Control:

You can control your website content without having any prior HTML experiences.


We offer thousands of free themes and plug-in for customized CMS solutions.

User Roles and Accounts:

Our granular user control modes help you customize role permissions and capabilities.

Customizable Menu:

We create dynamic drop-down menus, complete with 100 percent hierarchy support.

Search Engine Optimized:

Enjoy optimum search engine exposure with reliable SEO solutions.


A WordPress development and design company of reputes, we go a long way in supporting your website needs.

  • We offer creative user experiences to take your web presence to the next levels of success.
  • We help you expand individual experiences through your very own scalable network and WordPress multisite.
  • Our experts design a powerful platform that allows you to add essential themes and tools, to keep up with your competition.
  • We create customizable content management systems that are extremely user-friendly and easily navigable.

All in all, your decision to hire a WordPress website developer from PIXELBIRD™ gives your IT infrastructure instant access to exciting WordPress features and functions……..Just go for it!

PIXELBIRD™ is quickly gaining popularity for WordPress web Development Services in Australia. Whether you want to hire WordPress Developer for website enhancements or require a dedicated team to do everything from scratch, we have the expertise & talent to handle your programming requirements.

At PIXELBIRD™ , we believe in building long-term relationships with clients so that we both benefit.


What our clients say about us

Perfect case of why you should leave things to the professionals. I had tried to host a VPS myself for some software I was using and spent days running into complications. I reached out to PIXELBIRD™ and they had an action plan together almost immediately. Since the issue has been resolved its been smooth sailing. Great service, quick turnaround, and they were on standby for any questions I had. Could not recommend the team enough and will definitely be engaging PIXELBIRD™ whenever I need help!

Zac Daunt

What our clients say about us

PIXELBIRD™ created a beautiful website for my small wedding hire business. They listened to what I needed and the end result was amazing! Better than anything I could have imagined. Packages offered by PIXELBIRD™ are competitively priced without lacking features. Not only does the website look gorgeous, it is also functional. They also took the time to teach me how to manage the website myself and gave me all the resources I need to do so. I highly recommend PIXELBIRD™ for a professional website.

House of Primrose

What our clients say about us

Thank you so much! My website speaks for itself! They created a better website than I could even dream up! Brilliant service and assistance, fast turnaround, top value for money and friendly. I highly recommend them to everyone. My art shop works perfectly on desktop and mobile.

Ashvin Harrison

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