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The definition of prototype is, “A simulation or sample version of a final product, which is used for testing before develop.” The goal of a prototype is to test products (and product ideas) before sinking lots of time and money into the final product. Creating a prototype that demonstrates the functionality of an application in development can positively impact final design as well as the overall project. Here are six ways interactive prototypes can help your application initiative.

A prototype allows key stakeholders within the organization an opportunity to see the application design as it was intended to be used, including buttons and interactions working in a manner that is as close to the final product as possible. Most key stakeholders are not designers or developers. They are end users of applications and are used to see an application in its working state. When static, non-interactive prototypes are delivered to these key decision makers, more time is spent discussing and describing how a particular feature is going to work and less time on understanding the overall design. When key stakeholders have the ability to interact with the final application design, the buy-in process and ongoing support are usually stronger.

Benefits of Interactive Prototypes

  • Experience the full flow
  • Better than specification
  • Collaboration with team members
  • Get early feedback
  • Less time and resources spent
  • Rapid and quick iterations


A wireframe is the first real process for a project. It turns the abstract ideas into something tangible without distraction. Wireframes enable one party can send its opinions to another party clearly, ensuring all parties are on the same page.

n many instances, clients may not understand jargons like dynamic slideshow, news feeds, Google map integration,product filtering, breadcrumb and hundreds of other types of features. A wireframe provides a clear communication to a client how these features will function, where they will appear on the specific page and how useful they might actually be.


Our graphic designers start the iterative process of mocking-up visual page designs to finally come up with thoughtfully conceived, beautifully executed user interfaces that truly work.

At this stage, moodboards with examples of color palettes, texture and typography are utilized to define customer’s aesthetics preferences and design directions.


The clickable prototypes delivered by eSparkBiz enable users to quickly test simple elements or complex behaviors, interacting with the prototype as they would with the end product.

Requiring little time and effort, these prototypes allow for identifying opportunities for improvement, driving adoption, productivity, user satisfaction and profitability of the final solution.


A proof-of-concept (POC) touches on all levels of the system implementation, requiring, besides UI prototyping, engagement of software engineers for development of a specific slice of functionality.

Project teams at eSparkBiz produce POCs rapidly and efficiently, providing our customers with alpha products for evaluation and validation with all stakeholders prior to hand off for production development.

Why is it important for you

Prototypes are one of the most important steps in the design process, yet still confusing for some designers and project teams.

  • Benifits of prototyping for ux design
  • Why choose us for ux design?
  • A prototype can be a rough sketch with notes
  • A linear sequence of slides with a few notes that demonstrates , a workflow drawn on the artboard,
  • A complex graph, outlined in the panel designs and layouts, that includes reusable elements on a single screen (component screens), and navigation between screens (navigation connections)
  • Creates sample data on the fly, easily build data-driven UI, and add styles to your data.
  • Design and code an app that’s easy to navigate and looks great on a variety of devices and screen sizes.
  • Define your app’s personality through color, typography, and motion
  • Controls are the building blocks you use to create a UI
  • Customize your app for specific types of input and devices.
  • Make your app more inclusive and accessible to people around the world
  • Jump-start your project with design templates and tools.

The Prototyping UXD is based on principles of good design inspired by the International Typographic Style. We emphasize simplicity, clarity, and universality to achieve beautiful and practical experiences.

A great app starts with a great user interface. Learn how to design and code an application that looks fantastic on all devices.


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