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BigCommerce is a fast pace growing online store development platform. The platform is widely used by a respected number of online brands. The BigCommerce store design also famous across the sphere for its competitive features and award-winning nature. Lightspeed comes with lot more features and easy customization like Shopify. One of the great features is that it is Multilingual Shopping Cart.

What You Need to Know About BigCommerce

  • The toolkit enables developers to design and iterate themes locally, with full access to all assets – but with no impact on the merchant’s live storefront.
  • This graphical, browser-based tool enables merchants to rapidly customize their themes’ look and feel – and their storefront’s function – with no coding.
  • Merchants acquire themes, apply them to their storefronts, and customize them – creating an elegant user experience that resonates with their brand, and makes it easy for customers to find and purchase the products they want.
  • The Next Generation of BigCommerce Websites. You can also provide options for merchants to customize their storefront’s look and feel, with no coding.

Bigcommerce is one of the leading e-commerce platform

To help decide if BigCommerce is right for you, we asked some of our existing customers who switched to BigCommerce about their experience.

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Our customers have switched to BigCommerce from a variety of offerings including hosted shopping carts, open source offerings and even messy websites built in Microsoft Frontpage! What matters though is that BigCommerce has made the process of selling their products online and attracting new customers easier and more affordable.

  • A vast number of free and premium (paid) store-front themes are offered in BigCommerce.
  • BigCommerce includes a large number of features that are already integrated with the shopping cart.
  • BigCommerce is a hosted shopping cart so hosting is a part of every plan.
  • BigCommerce University (BCU): This is a great resource for amateur players in the e-Commerce market. BCU is very useful for those developing an online store for the first time.

Bigcommerce provides a wide range of good quality free templates. With this platform, you have the option of choosing from a lot more free templates than Magento. Moreover, these templates are much easier to preview and apply.
The solution has very responsive free themes. It also enables the automatic display of the correct branded version of your store on a mobile device.
It can be customized using HTML AND CSS, so even if you have a little hands-on coding environment, you can pick a free template and give it your own unique touch. You can also customize your template by directly editing elements like typefaces and themes from the control panel.

BigCommerce a winner in the e-Commerce shopping cart platform market. It is flexible, scalable, simple to use, and provides many ‘out of the box’ benefits that make it a top choice for retailers looking to set up an online store for their retail business.

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Perfect case of why you should leave things to the professionals. I had tried to host a VPS myself for some software I was using and spent days running into complications. I reached out to PIXELBIRD™ and they had an action plan together almost immediately. Since the issue has been resolved its been smooth sailing. Great service, quick turnaround, and they were on standby for any questions I had. Could not recommend the team enough and will definitely be engaging PIXELBIRD™ whenever I need help!

Zac Daunt

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PIXELBIRD™ created a beautiful website for my small wedding hire business. They listened to what I needed and the end result was amazing! Better than anything I could have imagined. Packages offered by PIXELBIRD™ are competitively priced without lacking features. Not only does the website look gorgeous, it is also functional. They also took the time to teach me how to manage the website myself and gave me all the resources I need to do so. I highly recommend PIXELBIRD™ for a professional website.

House of Primrose

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Thank you so much! My website speaks for itself! They created a better website than I could even dream up! Brilliant service and assistance, fast turnaround, top value for money and friendly. I highly recommend them to everyone. My art shop works perfectly on desktop and mobile.

Ashvin Harrison

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